The INSPIRE ACTION framework was developed to assist those responsible for administrative oversight of local early childhood special education programs to identify and celebrate strong program components and to identify those program components most in need of improvement. The development was sparked by recognition that many local program leaders (e.g., Directors of Special Education, elementary principals, some special education coordinators) have limited knowledge of early childhood special education and are unable to consistently determine the presence or absence of ECSE program quality.



Assessment is a shared experience between families and professionals in which information and ideas are exchanged to benefit a child’s growth and development. Assessment practices should be integrated and individualized in order to: (a) answer the questions posed by the assessment team (including family members); (b) integrate the child’s everyday routines, interests, materials, caregivers, and play partners within the assessment process; and (c) develop a system for shared partnerships with professionals and families for the communication and collection of ongoing information valuable for teaching and learning (DEC). Progress monitoring is a form of assessment used to determine the student’s performance and the effectiveness of intervention and instruction.




PDF-Guided Resources and Support

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