About Us

The Minnesota Centers of Excellence for Young Children with Disabilities is the statewide professional development system for early childhood special education (ECSE). Professional Development Facilitators (PDF) in each of the state's eight economic development regions work to connect, support and empower local leaders to build capacity. Through these joint efforts, young children and their families are accessing and benefiting from high-quality programs and services throughout the state.

In some instances, the boundaries of educational districts do not align with the eight economic development regions' boundaries. In instances when a cooperative or district's boundaries are found in more than one region, the district's PDF and service region are assigned based upon the county in which a program's leader is housed.




Vision and Goals

Our Values

  • We maintain children and families at the center of the conversation.
  • We engage in data-based decision making.
  • We enhance the skills of early childhood professionals.
  • We build state, regional, and local capacity.


  • We support professional development strategies based on current research and adult learning theory.
  • We support effectively using Active Implementation Science to install innovations to fidelity.
  • We partner with local leaders to support program growth and development.
  • We support program-wide quality improvement (INSPIRE ACTION and DEC Recommended Practices).