Evaluation Workgroup

“An evaluation plan should address each subcomponent of the CSPD and, initially, address the most critical features of each. Evaluation should be viewed as cyclical in nature. That is, evaluation questions are generated, data are collected, data are analyzed and used to make decisions about the system, changes to the system are made based on the data, system changes are evaluated, and new evaluation questions are generated.”
Quality Indicator 11: The evaluation plan for the CSPD includes processes and mechanisms to collect, store, and analyze data across all subcomponents
Quality Indicator 12: The evaluation plan is implemented, continuously monitored, and revised as necessary based on multiple data sources.
The evaluation plan for the CSPD includes:
priorities for evaluation questions and data to be collected.
multiple processes, mechanisms and methods to collect data based on need, usefulness and burden.
the capacity to support data collection, management and analysis.
quality review processes which are defined and implemented regularly.
personnel data linked to child and family outcomes.
data summaries and analysis that is useful for decision-making and accessible across systems.
data that are used to inform decisions, monitor progress and make improvements.
To provide input, get involved or get more information, please send comments, questions, and suggestions to cspd.mde@state.mn.us.