Personnel Standards Workgroup

"The state personnel standards subcomponent of the CSPD addresses the need for establishing and maintaining high standards for the knowledge, skills, and competence of the early childhood workforce. State standards are credentials, certifications, or licenses awarded to professionals after they complete a course of study that prepares them to provide intervention services as one of the disciplines recognized under IDEA. State standards should meet or exceed personnel standards that have been developed by national organizations that represent the various professional disciplines that provide services to young children and their families. State standards ensure the quality of the state’s early childhood workforce.”
Quality Indicator 3: State personnel standards across disciplines are aligned to national professional organization personnel standards.
Quality Indicator 4: The criteria for state certification, licensure, credentialing and/or endorsement are aligned to state personnel standards and national professional organization personnel standards across disciplines.

Scheduled Meeting Time: The Personnel Standards workgroup meets from 10:00am to 11:00pm on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

Recent Highlights: In partnership with the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB), the Personnel Standards workgroup is focused on Quality Indicator 3 which states that state personnel standards across disciplines are aligned to national professional organization personnel standards. 
Using the ECPC crosswalk of standards, the workgroup and stakeholders conducted a systematic review and comparison between the current Minnesota state standards and the Division for Early Childhood’s Initial Practice-based Professional Preparation Standards for Early Interventionists/Early Childhood Special Educators (2020), referred to as the EI/ECSE standards. The workgroup and stakeholders reached consensus to take steps to fully adopt the EI/ECSE standards as the Minnesota state standards for licensure. The group continues this work and will present their justification documents to the state legislature, followed by a public comment period, in the fall of 2021. 
Minnesota demonstrates the power to the profession and the importance of the new EI/ECSE standards by adopting the EI/ECSE standards as their state standards!
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