Title: Classroom Engagement Model (CEM) Training - CEM Module 3 - North

Date: January 15, 2021

Time: 8:30 am – 12: 30 pm

Location: Live virtual training

Registration: http://metroecsu.myquickreg.com/register/event/


Staff from sites currently installing Classroom Engagement Model through MnCoE or who participated in RP2 training through MDE.Participants must complete CEM Modules 1 and 2 prior to attending this training.

The Classroom Engagement Model is a framework for improving engagement, independence and social relationship by promoting full participation of every child in a classroom setting. The model emphasizes teaming and collaboration to embed opportunities to learn and practice functional goals into daily routines. Classroom Engagement Model benefits children with disabilities as well as typically developing children.

In module 3, participants will focus on individualizing strategies to increase child engagement and independence. Additionally, participants will learn to use data to monitor child progress.

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