Title: Pyramid Model (PM) Training – PTR-YC – West Metro

Date: March 8, 2021

Time: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Live virtual training

Registration: http://metroecsu.myquickreg.com/register/event/


Audience: Teachers, Paras, Coaches, Administrators, Behavior Coaches, Data Managers, etc. from Pyramid Model sites throughout MN who are implementing the Pyramid Model.

Prerequisite: Must have completed Pyramid Model Tier 1,2,3 trainings

Participants should purchase a PTR-YC Manual prior to training, try to read through the manual, and then bring your manual with you to training. The Manual can be purchased at the following link: https://products.brookespublishing.com/Prevent-Teach-Reinforce-for-Young-Children-P659.aspx

A comprehensive review of the Prevent Teach Reinforce for Young Children Manual. Participants will walk through an introduction to PTR-YC and then review each of the five steps of PTR-YC:

1) Teaming & Goal Setting, 2) Data Collection, 3) PTR-YC Assessment, 4) PTR-YC Intervention Plan, 5) Using Data & Next Steps.

Lunch for Centers of Excellence trainings is an hour.

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